Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Okay, it was about as bad as I feared. I'm between a rock and a hard place. They ask, "Are we being fair?" Of course, they are not, but you're pretty well gagged. You can't argue a word or you become the target. YOU are the difficult one, the insubordination, the troublemaker. YOU must be terminated, and then it starts.

So, how can you answer that question? You can't. At the moment, nothing is fair.

Besides this lovely work situation (and I know - all workplaces have these political games), I've taken a bit of a beating lately.

Two men have crossed my path lately. You've read about one. Not Fair Situation #2, there. I think the jerk, for all of his "I really want you as my friend, while I work this out," is ignoring me. I used to see him online almosy daily, but now -- never. ANother clear illustration that yes indeedy my trust was misplaced. Weasel and a liar, that one. I wouldn't want a mental case in my life anyhow (been there, done that, have the emotional dings to prove it), but it smarts to be lied to.

Not Fair situation #3: Want you, need you, ignore you. Again. I go out with this guy, it goes great, we talk about seeing each other again and....nothing. Probably better that way, as he's a jock and I'm....well, not. I'm much more of a thinker and I need a brain to talk with. Not to -- with. No talking is happening now, though, because either he's too busy (very possible) or he's ignoring me, too.

Not Fair situation #4: I know the perfect man for me. I've met him, talked with him. But get this -- he has a girlfriend. Great.

Not Fair situation #5: My best friend's father died. 'Nuff said? A girl needs her Daddy.

I'm in an understandable funk today. It's miserable. Dammit, I'm a spectacular companion. Not exaggerating here and I do not have a large ego, just for the record. I just work really hard at making people happy. Not smothering - I know where the line is and that's what makes me good. I listen, learn, and provide what's most wanted. It's a knack I have. Ask anyone I buy presents for. I work at it.

I'm also damn good at my job. I don't appreciate anyone trying to make me look incompetent. I'll set that right somehow, but it's gotta be without becoming a target.

Dang, why do people have to be so very difficult?!?!

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