Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Let's set the stage, in my workplace. We have 9 people at the moment. I'm using initials to protect the ones who are actually worse than I'm saying. I'm not saying exactly what we do, so no one recognizes us.

The Powers That Be
E and A are connected at the hip. At least A wishes they were. They've worked together a long time and A always has wanted a up-close-and-personal relationship, while E is indifferent and power-minded. A is technically the boss, but E does the hard stuff. And gets whatever he wants by exploiting the feelings of A. It's *messed up*. E has even had a reported affair with a married coworker. He continues to flirt with very young, brunette, married coworkers.

The two above have managed to set themselves apart of the working social circle. It didn't used to be that way, but their need for ultimate control has caused a split, as no one trusts them.

Our Two Moms
Okay, that sounds gay and it's not. One is married (R) and the other isn't (N). We're fortunate to have two caretakers in our midst. R takes care emotionally, by using her friendship with A to speak her mind when things are not right. This isn't always the wisest move, but she still trusts A with it all, so there you have it. Just watch what you say to R, if it's not for A's ears. The other Mom is N. She feeds us - an important prerequisite for new hires. If I understand correctly, she really was asked if she can cook when she interviewed here. She brings us birthday parties (cake!!) and comfort food (some chicken concoction called "sopa").

The Short-Timer
She's the youngest here and will be called Y. You'll not see much mention of her as she's gone in a week's time and has been here about a year. She fits the flirt profile for E and he about trips over himself to talk to her, hassle her. She's a good one, though. None of that is her fault.

The Brain
She's a sharp one. Need to know anything about the Web? Call L. She knows it all and has it together. A bad marriage has burned her, so she's single. She's a humble, quiet one, known for her uniform of jeans and a flannel.

The Ultimate Brain
We'll call this one K. He knows it all. A walking encyclopedia of everything. If a University would just sit and talk to him for an afternoon, they'd grant him a doctorate by the end of the day. K's mind is lightning-fast and misses nothing. He's intensely private, with only fleeting mentions of a girlfriend.

Meet D, our resident Yankee from NYC. He was "there" on 9/11/01. D has a biting, dry wit....and some control issues. He's OCD to us for his extreme organizational practices. It's an Olympic sport for this guy. He's engaged to a quirky young thing who suits him just fine,

Moviegoer Extraordinaire
S is found at the movies about every weekend. He's a walking reviewer, most of the time. Great guy, in stature and personality. He's gay, but he makes no issue of it. He holds multiple degrees and is very knowlegeable in his job. The only thing you have to remember is that he's tight with A.

My workplace, in all its glory. Stories to follow. Film at 11.

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