Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Back in the Saddle!

For the most part!  Surgery went well.  My retinas are both now where they're supposed to be!  I would have been back sooner, but I did have to have the gas bubble and restricted movement for a couple of weeks.  The bubble has finally dissipated, and I'm back at the computer.  I am taking advantage of the accessibility features of my Mac to zoom in on things, but that will get better as the weeks pass.  My vision is a little blurry and depth perception is damn comical, but it'll all get better as the healing happens!

BB is beside himself that he's not able to be here to help me out during my recovery.  With my restricted movement, he wanted to be here to cuddle up, bring me tea, and watch movies all day.  Sounds like a good recovery time to me!

I'm back at work now, for my first full-time week since the surgery.  It's good to be back!  I've had several people email me and say they're glad I'm back, so I'm not sure what was happening when I was gone, but it's awfully nice to be welcomed and appreciated.  I'm back just in time, too!

We just had our last round of interviews for the jinxed position, the one we seem to never be able to fill.  We're all hoping it works out this time, for the long term.  We could sure use the help, but from someone who has an appreciation for the work we actually do and isn't trying to take over or reinvent the wheel.  It has been a frustrating road, to say the least.

My parents are now home.  My dad will see his doctor in Houston every few months, and he will guide the treatment via the local doctors.  They've heard of an experimental program and surgeons who think they can help, but what do you risk to see if it's true?  He doesn't want to go into surgery thinking the tumor will be removed and wake up to find his leg is also gone.  What quality of life do you preserve?  So many questions.  So many unknowns.  It's really a rough bunch of decisions to make.  All the while, they're also being referred to palliative care, which is really difficult to accept and discuss.

Daughter is about to embark on an adventure.  She will serve a church mission for 18 months, starting in August.  She will be in an area that encompasses parts of Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana.  How will I make it 18 months without her?  I really don't know.  As you know, dear Diary, the loneliness is intense.  I don't know how to fill so many quiet hours.  And I don't know how to fill the gap left by her laughter and beautiful spirit.

But I raised her to fly, and she is certainly doing that.  I'll hope each day that she'll be blessed and protected, happy and safe.

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