Friday, May 29, 2015

My exciting life

I swear, I'm a thrill a minute.

I got a bonus at work for having an excellent performance review.  After the taxman takes his 1/3 of it, I think I have enough left for...


...a washer and dryer.

Oooooh!  Ahhhhh!

I know.  I live on the edge.

My little house is adorable, but it is lacking laundry facilities.  I've been going to my folks' house for the last year and a half to do my laundry once a week.  It takes forever and a day, and it's a big production.  It would be nice to just step out the kitchen door and throw something in the wash.

So, I just took a step back and looked at myself.  I can't believe I'm blogging about laundry.

When I was in England, I didn't see anything like a laundromat, like we have here.  I was lucky that the hotel was nice enough to run a load of clothes for me, or I'd have been up stinky creek.  I'm thinking about going back lately, so that's something to plan for.  Mental note.

Speaking of going back to England, I'm looking at doing so in September.  Daughter leaves for her missing at the end of August.  Planning a trip might help me not be so upset about being without her. Something to look forward to, instead of dreading her departure so very much.  I really am dreading it, too, but I can't say that to her.  How will I manage a year and a half of not texting and talking to her all the time?  Not having her here for Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day....

It breaks my heart.  But I raised her to go out into the world and explore life.  She's doing exactly what I taught her to do, and helping others in the process.  I can't begrudge her that.  It's just that, as her mom, I don't know how to be without her for so long.

In short, it hurts.  I need a distraction.  A return to Yorkshire and time with my sweetheart might just do that.  He'll be finished with school by then, so it might be a good time to visit.  September would be nice there, as well.  I know we'd end up spending some time in Nottingham, where his mother lives.

Yup, I'd be meeting the mother.  That makes me nervous.  Because...she's actually slightly younger than me.

Okay, there.  I've admitted it pseudo-out-loud.  She did have him when she was quite young, so there's that.  And to be fair, I fell for him because of our interactions, well before I know he was younger than me.  By that time, it didn't matter so much.

Does she know that?  She's found me on Facebook, so we've chatted a bit, and she's said she's supportive as long as her son is happy.  But does she know the numbers?  The real numbers?  I just don't want to have a problem with her over this.

His dad is another story,  He is much older than his mother.  They had a significant age gap when they were together (they are not anymore).  That might be one reason why she doesn't have a problem with our relationship.

I hope.

So, will I go in September?  I sincerely hope so.  I just need to get the numbers to align now.  Travel is so stinking expensive.

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