Monday, April 20, 2015

It's about that time again...

...I'll be quiet for a few days.  My other eye surgery is happening this week, to remove the damaged tissue and blood from my left eye, as re-attach the retina.

I'm hoping for a quicker recovery this time because I have one "good" eye for this go-around.  I have a 50-50 chance that they'll need to insert a gas bubble this time.  The recovery is better if they don't, so I'm really hoping for that.  So is my boss.  I need to be back at work quickly on this one.

If they do have to do the gas bubble, it's two weeks of being restricted to laying on one side all the time.  That's maddening, I can tell you!  Not looking forward to that part, should it come to pass.

I'm very much looking for=ward to seeing clearly again.  The black cobwebs in my left eye are getting quite old.  They disrupt my field of vision and mess with my depth perception.  In the end, I'll need new glasses because my sight won't be exactly what it was. cobwebs.  I'll take that.

To help avoid the problem what caused the bleeding in the first place, I've now become Bionic Blogget.  I have an insulin pump that acts as an electronic pancreas, instead of my non-functioning real one.  I have a wireless sensor that takes my blood sugar every five minutes and transmits the numbers to the pump, alerting me if it's too high or too low.

It works...most of the time.  I've had some challenges figuring out how to best calibrate it and get everything playing nicely together.  I am nervous about one thing with it.  Will BB find it off-putting?  I mean, it's not the sexiest feature for a woman, is it?

I have some time before I have to test that idea, so I'll just worry about it for the next  long while.

As you do.


~ellen~ said...

I hope your surgery goes perfectly and no gas bubble is needed. Don't worry about your job, just take care of yourself!

Blogget Jones said...

Thanks, Ellen! I'm back to the computer now, 3 weeks after surgery. I did have a gas bubble, but it's finally gone. I'm still using accessibility features to see the computer clearly, but that'll get better! Thank you!