Thursday, April 16, 2015

Choo Choo! ...and other "indulgences"

Okay, so our passenger trains don't make that noise anymore, but I can dream!  I'm taking the train this weekend to Salt Lake City, to meet my daughter for her drive back from school.  Flying was #200 and the train was $48.  No brainer.  Well, except one drawback.  Flying takes an hour and the train takes (gulp) seven.  But for the money difference, I'll take it!

It will be a little adventure for me.  I've experienced trains in England, where they are faster than driving, so it's a much different experience here.  Everyone I've talk to about it loves traveling that way, though, so I'm excited about it!

And I'll be so glad to have my daughter home for awhile.  I need to soak up every minute with her because she's decided to go on a church mission.  We don't know where or exactly when yet, but it will come too soon no mater what. Then, it'll be a year and a half before I see her again.  She will not have a  cell phone or a computer.  She will be able to call me on Mother's Day and Christmas.  She can write home the old fashioned way all she wants.  The lost art of letter writing is about to be found!

In a couple of weeks, I'll have my second eye surgery.  I'm anxious for all of this to be done and healed.  The eye that's already had surgery is doing well.  My vision is a little bit less focused, so I'll need new glasses when the other one is all healed.  I can handle that.  It'll be a good time choosing new nerdy frames!

All of this has put a crimp in the plans to return to England.  I wanted to be there in May for the next Avengers movie, but that won't happen.  I won't be allowed to travel for a few weeks after surgery, and then there's the medical bills....  Maybe June.  Or July.  Or September.  I'm a regular Pollyanna about this.  He is still planning to be here in November, and possibly through December.  Or maybe longer, he said.  How kickass would that be?  Seeing the new Star Wars movie with him in the seat beside me?  The thought makes my little geeky heart go pitter pat!

We were discussing a whole spectrum of interests the other night.  Lego, a new series he likes, and the pickled onions I had ordered from a British food site to try.

The conversation took a turn towards supporting one another's interests and tastes.  We have many in common, but also have some divergent fandoms and food preferences, so to speak.  I thought it a particularly interesting exchange, given my recent comments here about how my interests have not been supported by those in my recent past.

Then, he said it.  He used this wording:

"Anything for you, to indulge your tastes, my dear!"

The caught in my mind.  "Indulge."  I'd used that exact word in my post the other day, saying no one could expect Jacob to indulge anything for anyone else.  Now, BB doesn't read this Diary, so that was
quite a lovely coincidence.

He went on to say, "As you know, I'm of the mindset that a relationship is not necessarily about compromise; it's about acceptance."

Wise words.  Relationship-wise, I know he is of little experience, but he has an outlook that I find amazing and comforting, all at once.

"I am so thankful and appreciative and humbled and honoured that you support my silly little things!"

I assured him that I didn't consider any of it silly, and enjoyed his enthusiasm about so many things.  I had to keep the tears of happiness at bay, as his words touched me so.  No one has ever been that thankful for me before, for how I am in a relationship, for how I love.

And I'm humbled in return that he indulges all of my "silly little things," as well.  He never rejects.  He listens to understand.  It doesn't matter if he's into it, as well.  If it catches my eye, then it also has his attention, for my sake alone.

He gives so much and notices so much, and loves so completely in return.  With abandon, and I can hardly express how entirely lovely that is.  It feels like the sun has come out and is finally shining upon me.

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