Sunday, March 08, 2015

The things that don't kill you….

…make you stronger, right?  That's what they say.  I'm getting to be a pretty strong person, then!  I've been quiet for a few months, but some of that has not been by choice.  I have a lot to report - the good, the bad, and the ugly - so hang with me!  This might take a few posts!

Shortly after my previous post, my parents packed up and went to Houston, Texas, to see the specialists at MD Anderson.  He is being seen by the head of the unit that specializes in his type of cancer.  They started him on an aggressive form of chemotherapy.  Four months later, the only difference it had made was to completely destroy his body.  The tumor actually grew, while he had lost 50 pounds and the ability to eat anything.  It was miserable.  He got an infection, which delayed treatment and allowed the cancer to grow more.  Finally, in January, they were able to start a different kind of chemo.  The latest report shows that it has stopped the growth of the tumor and allowed him to recover some of his appetite and strength.  He has lost nearly 100 pounds and uses a walker now.  They are investigating the possibility of doing surgery, which is a critical step.  Best case scenario, he might be able to come home in July - nearly one year since this started.

I miss them terribly.  We never thought they'd be gone this long.  Curses to that first chemo, for losing so much time! Son is staying at their house and holding down the fort as best he can.  It hard on him to be without them, too, and to spend so much time alone.  He could hang out with me, but at 23 years old, what young man wants to hang with his Mom?  We spend time occasionally, so that's nice.  We both spend way too much time lonely, I think.

Part of the issue is mine, though.  I'm not too mobile lately, but that will get better.  What's happened? Long story short, don't take your eyesight for granted.  I'll actually devote another post to that story!

Son has had his own struggles.  Suffice it to say that he has a now-ex-girlfriend who can'r seem to decide if the baby she's expecting is his or her ex-husband's.  For that matter, she can't decide if she's going to be with him or her ex-husband.  Many tangled webs have been spun, but he's having none of it anymore.  Eventually, there will be a paternity test and legal action, as needed.  It's sad to have it all in limbo, though.  Is he a dad?  Am I a grandma?    There's something for me to wrap my head around!  BJ as a grandma.  Whoa….

Daughter is loving college and her independence.  Much time in prayer and thought and she's decided she wants to serve a church mission.  She's a determined bundle of energy, too!  Keeping my fingers crossed on where she'll go.  I should know that in a few weeks.  I can't believe she'll be gone for so long!

Lots of waiting for Blogget lately!  And we all know how well I wait!

I had an interesting autumn, in addition to all of this.  My relationship is wonderful, if progressing slowly because of the distance.  I'll write that in another post, as well, but I can say this.  Yes, I've now actually spent time with him, and found that we're joyous together.  Lots of questions about the future, but those will come in due time.  More waiting for Blogget ;o)

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