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First Tango in Halifax

(In reference to the title, if you haven't seen "Last Tango in Halifax," do yourself a favor and get into it!  Lovely series.)

The day I left for England was BB's birthday.  So, I gave him a present when I arrived - the War Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver.  It was the last sonic he needed in his collection, so he was very excited to have it!  It went everywhere with us during my two weeks there, and it will make an appearance on this page shortly!

My exploring in Yorkshire actually began in my host city of Bradford.  It's also known as the "UNESCO City of Film," because of all of the films and television programs that have been filmed there.  It's home to England's National Media Museum, as well, so that was one of our first stops.

The Media Museum was fascinating!  It had several displays that helped explain different film techniques and concepts, including a wonderful hands-on section for kids.  They also had several historical displays and a game room of classic video games available to play.

I was particularly delighted by this artifact:

One of the few surviving Wallace and Gromit models.  Most of them were lost to a fire at the studio, so we were lucky to get to see this one!  These characters are beloved to me! I'm so thankful some of them were saved.

The sonic came in handy when confronted with this artifact:

Yup, that's my BB!  Keeping me safe from the evil Dalek, with the War Doctor's sonic!  Yeah, he's a ginger, and I completely love that ;o)

We explored the streets of Bradford, seeing the sights he knew would tickle my fancy.  The comic book store, the chocolate store, and this place:

The most beautiful bookstore I've ever seen.  It's a Waterstones shop, in a historic building that used to be the Wool Exchange.  I looks like a church!  I was stunned by the beauty of it, by the oldness of it contrasted with the modern shop it now contains.  He bought me a lovely book on Bradford, and we ventured upstairs to the cafe for some cocoa.  Some wondrous, delicious, delightfully rich chocolaty cocoa.  It had started raining outside on the narrow cobblestone streets.  There was a quaint pub across the street that was actually featured in the book he'd bought for me:

As I read the signs posted in front of the pub, this one caused me to do a double-take:

"Ah! Yorkshire humor!" said BB.  I think I like Yorkshire humor!  I've always appreciated British shows and comics, so maybe I'm just built for this.  Just about everything I encountered there made me smile.  Just about...but that's another post!

As we made our way back to the hotel, we crossed through the City Centre.  The sun was going down and the clock tower was lit with changing colored lights.  There is a large pool and fountains in the middle, and I was overcome with a feeling of peace mixed with the excitement of actually being there.  This is what it looked like:

It was a lovely moment.  BB and Blogget, hand in hand.  Enjoying a crisp fall evening, fresh from the rain.  I felt so alive and so in love.

I got to know the path back to the hotel quite well during those two weeks.

The following day, we caught the bus to Halifax.  I have to say this: the Brits know how to do public transportation.  Bradford has a free route within the city.  You can buy day passes to anywhere, and it's super affordable.  For longer distances, you have the larger coaches or the train.  I'm completely in love with the train, but it's not always the most affordable option.

Halifax struck me as a quaint town with so many things I wanted to see!  

We went late in the day, so the light was fading pretty soon after we got there.  The sun sets earlier there, which was something I had to get used to.  I love the nighttime, so that's okay with me.  It's a romantic time in my opinion, and I was with the man who stole my heart.  So walking hand in hand on the old streets of Halifax was about as perfect as it could get!

Especially true considering the geeky things we were looking for!  He knows how to get his geek on, that's for sure!  And I love every moment.

We stopped at a kitchen store that had all kinds of wonderful gadgets.  Aprons and signs and cooking implements and tea towels and glassware galore!  I wished I had a way of getting the fragile items home, but they'd never survive the suitcase or the airports.  Then, I spotted my souvenir: chocolate chip cookies in a Wallace and Gromit tin!

We then went to a collectibles store that had about every fandom imaginable represented on their shelves!  Including...

Stempunk Doctor Who Cybermen

Steampunk Darth Vader.

I was in heaven!  I saw a perfect Wonder Woman figure that I wanted to take home, but it was pricey and fragile, and I decided not to risk it.

While we were shopping, BB put his arm around me, and we shared a little kiss.  From behind me, I heard, "Awwwww!"  The shopkeeper was watching us.  "That's so sweet!" she exclaimed.  I smiled, very much enjoying the feeling that a nice public display of affection gives you.  

BB has no problems holding my hand, hugging me, kissing me in front of others.  He lets people know that he is mine, and I am his, and makes me feel that he's proud to be with me.  My heart could burst with it!  It's been so long.

Heading back to the bus station, we turned down this street:

Yes, I have the sense of humor of a 15-year-old boy.  You all should know that by now!  The road is actually named for a pub that's there.  Yessiree, you can stop in for a pint at the Old Cock Pub!

We headed back to Bradford and to my pillow.  I was still a tad jet lagged, but getting better.  On that point, I'd like to say that should you ever travel to Bradford, the Premier Inn will treat your right!  It's a short walk from the station, to transportation is easy.  And the staff can't be beat.  I got used to being called "love" and having them as about my travels each day.  During week two, they actually did my laundry for me, as well!  Not a usual service, and for no charge.  The room was large, with a couch, chair, and desk in the room, as well.  Three things surprised me: no phone in the room, no washcloths anywhere, and no flat sheet on the bed.

I loved the porridge in the morning.  A full English breakfast proved a bit much for me!  A plate full of eggs, hash browns, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, and baked beans.  I'd definitely have to share with BB!  

All in all, the hotel was simply delightful.  I want to go back to see them soon!

See the yellow-framed window?  On the right, eighth floor.  That was the Blogget Home for two weeks.  It was simply perfect.  We curled up with each other every night and watched TV on BB's laptop.  When I'd snuggle up beside him, he'd giggle and say how cute I was in that position, cuddled up by his side to watch the show.  We had plenty of tea and milk for the duration.  

I love tea.  I love tea and milk.  And you know what?  He actually noticed that I put the milk in my tea cup first, before the tea.  He noticed.  He remembered.  Such little details, and he remembers them.  That thrills me more than I can say.  He calls me his Wonder Woman, and during this trip, he convinced me of how much he really believes it.

I'm terribly smitten.

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