Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting better....or trying

Apparently, the car is not going to be totaled. The other driver's insurance company is "accepting full responsibility," though, and my deductible ing waived. I spoke with my insurance people this morning, and they've authorized the collision place to do the work. They'll get it all written up by Monday, and I'll have a better idea then of when I'll get it back.

I can't wait, either! I'm in a rental. A PT Cruiser, to be exact. Going from a Ford Edge (small SUV) to a PT Cruiser makes the world look bigger. I don't much like that. And I'm a nervous driver now. Someone pulls up to a stop sign as I approach, and I start slowing down until I see them looking at me. I avoid driving as much as I can.

This morning, I had a diabetes follow-up appointment with my doctor. She's been chewing me out a lot over the last few months, for not taking care of it properly and for having too much stress.

I've gotten back on the ball with my treatment in the last few months, but my diabetes tends to be hard to control. Should say something about it that losing 60 pounds didn't help the diabetes any.... So, I'm back to two pills twice a day (the max dose of Glyburide/Metformin), and am now up to 45 units of insulin twice a day. If that doesn't get the numbers low enough in two weeks, then it's 50 unites twice a day. Ugh.

It's deja vu, from when I was trying to control it while I was expecting Daughter. I apparently hit a full-blown diabetic state (without being diabetic previously) by 10 weeks. They tested at 27 weeks. They got it under control at 38 weeks. A couple of days before she was born. That's why she was 9 1/2 pounds, and two weeks early. Thank God for C-sections!

As far as the stress goes, I don't know what to do. Work just accelerates all the time. But my boss said we might just get approved to hire TWO people to help me, including a media specialist. Woo hoo! That one doesn't relieve the current load, but they'll keep me from having to add more to my plate.

"Maybe then I can work only 40 hours a week," I said to the doctor.

She chuckled, but said, "Yeah, and you've just got to manage the stress you have. I mean, do you need to take yoga? Or a vacation? Or just alone-time every day?"

"I don't get alone-time," I said. "Nine people and two dogs live in my house right now. The only alone-time I get is when I drive to work. Remember my niece staring at me while I was on the morphine?"

She laughed. "Oh yeah. Well, maybe you need some time off alone. Or with your boyfriend. Not combined with work, like conferences, but real time off. To do nothing."

Those words sounded like magic. "To do nothing." Wow. If I can pull that off.....well, I don't know how I would. But we'll see. Maybe I'll get this huge settlement from the insurance company.... Yeah, dream on, Blogget!

In the meantime, I'm just trying to feel better and stop hurting from the accident. Then, I can see what's real again. At the moment, I'm learning that I love my chiropractor, and that "massage therapy" isn't necesarily the delightful thing it sounds like.


Ronjazz said...

I hear you, BJ. But you know what? You woke up this morning, and the pain is less and less. Tomorrow morning you'll be even better. A day at a time, honey... that is literally all we have.

Blogget Jones said...

Too true, Ron.... And I think this has taught me how things really can change day-to-day, so take care of the one you have now! Thanks, my friend :o)

e jerry said...

I just had all my meds adjusted too, trying to get the glucose and BP under control. Lately, I'm having a difficult time giving a damn about my own well-being, so I have to wind myself up to make sure I get all the meds taken and get enough water... you know, the simple stuff.

Blogget Jones said...

Jerry - hang in there. I know what you mean, though. Some days are hard. The glucose is a huge challenge at the moment. Just had a crash an hour ago, actually. TAKE GOOD CARE!