Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Everyone, sing along!

All together now!

Ding! Dong!
Drama Queen is gone!

(insert gleeful laughter here)

I think the end started with a fishing trip. No, that's not exact right. I think that was what finally pushed the issue. See, DQ was acting weird before that. The symptoms were:
  1. Coming to our house only once a week.
  2. During the week.
  3. But not every week.
  4. But she had to be home before her mother got home from work.
  5. And she just sat in the den, using Son's laptop for her summer school homework. (Note: DQ does not have a computer at her house.)
  6. And she never spoke to the adults in the house. Particularly, she never even looked at me, if I ended up being home while she was there.
  7. And she never saw Son during the evenings or weekends, or in public.
Yep, we could see this coming. Well, "we" except Son. He still talked about getting married to her next summer.

So, Son and my Dad plan this fishing trip. Drive a couple of hours up the highway. Go another hour on a 4WD only road, to meet up with the guide and camp personnel (cooks, horse wranglers, etc.). Ride horses for another hour to the camp and fishing site. Fly fish for a couple of days, under the tutelage of a fly fishing expert. Then, reverse and come home.

Son discovered two things during this trip, besides how to fly fish. First, absence does not always make the heart grow fonder.

Second, he thinks girls from Denmark are pretty damn cool.

She was one of the helpers at camp, doing the cooking, cleaning, etc. She's older than him, but they got along quite well. And she was easier to talk to about his interests than DQ. Who hated them.

I really don't know if DQ flipped out about Denmark. All I know is the story she told.

DQ's mom doesn't want her to see Son. They are too much drama, and she's sick of it. DQ has to stop talking to him and seeing him, and she must - MUST - go on dates with other boys.

This is what I read between the lines: "I want to see someone else, but I'm blaming my mom so you don't get mad at me, and I can still yank your chain if I want to."

So, he updates his Facebook to say he's single now. We anticipate a grumpy, difficult couple of days and give him some space. Know what he does?

Gets up early the next morning and mowes the lawn. Starts going to the movies with friends he hasn't seen in a long time. Talking to his female friends again. Going to the youth group activities at church.

It's all good.


Walker said...


It's about bloody time.
Let her screw up someone else head

Blogget Jones said...

I couldn't agree more!!

He's smitten with a new girl. She comes over to play video games and likes old movies, from the 30s and 40s. So far so good....