Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A little randomness....

I have just a few little things here and there today. I don't want to be at work, so my mind is wandering.

Yesterday, I went to work late. When I left the house to take the kids to school, it was....brrrr....26 degrees outside! Yikes! I took my frozen toes to where I knew they'd get warm -- Ranger's bed. He has a heated mattress pad and an electric blanket. And warm feet.

I got warm feet, too! Unfortunately, this plan might have backfired. Ranger woke up sick this morning. Dangit. I'm taking Airborne like candy today to try to keep it from taking hold in my system.

Walking to work this morning, I saw some pretty leaves and had to share. Autumn has arrived on campus!

Son had his first "formal" school dance over the weekend, for homecoming. Drama Queen had a lovely royal blue dress, so we got a matching blue shirt, new dress pants, and a perfectly matched tie (which I am still patting myself on the back for finding!) for him. He looked so handsome! Even with his Peter-Tork-Monkees-hairdo.

Drama Queen's mom wasn't happy with their choice in dinner spots. They wanted to go to the nice little Indian restaurant we have downtown. The proprietors are now friends of Ranger's and mine, so we knew they'd be treated extra nice. But DQ's mom tried to push it to her own tastes. A noisy, throw-the-peanut-shells-on-the-floor steak place, which is about twice as expensive as the Indian place. And I was footing the bill for dinner, so she didn't mind upping the price. Her idea got vetoed. The kids went where they wanted.

I left them alone for dinner. When I got back to pay the bill and take them to the dance, the proprietor hollered my name when I walked in. "Blogget," he exclaimed. "I told them, 'Go ahead and go! I know Blogget! She come pay me anytime!" He didn't realize I was their ride, but the sentiment was sweet.

He asked, "This is your boy?" I nodded, proud of him. He was being a good gentleman that night. He told me to say hello to Ranger, and we were off.

They stayed at the dance a couple of hours, then wanted to come back to our house. Why? Because I'd gotten a special treat for that evening. A chocolate fountain. We all sat around, dipping fruit and cookies into the luscious flow of rich chocolate, and laughing a lot. It was a lovely evening. Both of them thanked me profusely for helping make it so. That was nice to hear!

Of course, then, last night, DQ is in tears over how much attention Son pays to his new laptop instead of her. So goes the rollercoaster that is adolescence.

I saw a video out of Lubbock, Texas, yesterday. This is my former hometown, where many friends (and Greg) still are. Here it is, and it's just too sweet. Funny to me that it made the national news, though!

Click here for the Weatherman Proposal Video

That's about all I have this morning, dear Diary. We'll see what the week brings!


muse said...

I remember when my boys started dating in high school. It was a scary and exciting time. Their father had for-warned them of the benefits of being prepared, thus my part was the mending of broken hearts. That is the worst boo boo-no band aid will cover it and a kiss won't make it all better.

Blogget Jones said...

That's so true! I've been there for a dating catastrophe once, and am watching the goings-on with DQ with some trepidation!


Ronjazz said...

My prom date didn't have much patience that night...I was the MC for the evening... she knew that and still didn't get it. When the night was done and we were ready to go out, she said huffily..."Take me home."

She's now a Pentecostal minister, and I couldn't be happier for her!

Blogget Jones said...

What a story, Ron! I don't remember too much about my prom, so I guess it wasn't all that memorable! We had a ball on Saturday night, though. I was glad Son felt like comfortable just coming home and hanging out, though. A couple of months ago, it wouldn't have been that way!