Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Today is Ranger's birthday. We'll celebrate this weekend, when he's not working. I think it'll be a nice pick-me-up for him to have this little celebration!

We made love all morning, then I took him to lunch. I gave him a book he's been wanting. You can click on the image below to see more info on it.

He looks at this book every time we pass the bookstore. It combines two of his passions -- rocks and photography. This photographer creates beautiful images from cross-sections of stones. The back of the book has a full explanation of the stone and where it's found. Completely up Ranger's alley!

Next Tuesday is my daughter's birthday. She'll be 13. I can't believe it! She's officially a teenager! I'm still figuring out what to get her. She's a lovely young woman now, and I want her to know I acknowledge her maturity.

She had a brilliant experience last week. We have a great little bookstore downtown, with a very eclectic collection of books and art items. They carry prints, mugs, cards, etc., by one of our favorite artists - Jody Bergsma. One of my favorite prints of hers is to the right here.

We have several of her prints, mostly of wolves and horses. Last week, she visited that bookstore and we were able to get things signed and visit with her. She took a good chunk of time visiting with my daughter about her art. It was a wonderful moment for her! This artist she admires so much actually listened to her and gave her personal advice. It was a stellar moment!

So, Daughter is riding high right now. And I want to make sure her birthday helps carry that feeling!

And she played "double agent" that day, too. I had something I was getting at this store for her, so I asked Ranger to distract her outside. I was also getting him the above-mentioned book, so I asked her to distract him. However, unbeknownst to me, he was getting something for me, and asked her to distract me at the same time.

She thought this was ultimately hilarious.

Six days after Daughter's birthday is Greg's birthday. He is toeing the line at pissing me off about that, though. Remember, I sent him the money last week to buy the golf clubs from his friend. It wasn't much because they were used, but it was still money he didn't otherwise have for something he wanted.

So, yesterday, we're talking in texts about a particularly bad migraine he was having.

"Wish I could do something," I said.

"It's ok. Just send me a killer birthday present and I'll feel better."

"LOL," I said. "I did! Golf clubs, remember?"

"No," he said. "Golf clubs were from me, to me."

I stopped. WTF?? I sent him the money for those! So, I said so.

"No, the money you sent went to pay the bills I couldn't pay after I spent my money on the golf clubs."

Ok. Does that make sense to anyone?? Either way, it was my monetary gift that made his acquisition of the clubs possible.

And do you know what gift he's hinting around at now? A Playstation 3. A four-effing-hundred-dollar gift. WTF (again)??

So, I texted him back and made sure he knew he would NOT be getting that. I'd planned on sending him a package of fun gifts to open. He actually has not had birthday gifts from anyone in 12 years. But I also let him know that my daughter's birthday was soon, too.

"Your baby has to come first," he said. Glad he gets that.

But I'm still pissed.

In any case, I leave for Vegas on Greg's birthday. Ranger and I will have five days together. And he has dropped the Vegas wedding chapel search. On his own. I didn't have to tell him I didn't want to get married yet. He shared his hesitations and I shared mine, and they were remarkably similar. All my wait-and-see kind of doubts aside, it would become a source of hurt with our families. And a source of guilt for us. So, all of this will wait.



Walker said...

First thing in the morning sex is the best even better when it lasts until lunch.

That looks like and interesting book. Mind you the only use i have for rocks is throwing them at someone.

With everyone watching each other I am surprised everyone doesn't know what each of you is getting.

Send Greg a birthday card saying he doesn't have to pay back the loan you sent him and to use it for his birthday.

Anonymous said...

I like Walker's idea for Greg's birthday - men can be so frustrating! (But I know you have LOTS of experience in that department!)

My husband is a big fan of Jody Bergsma, and has several of her bear prints - how neat that you daughter got to sit and chat with her. Your almost-teenager sounds like a wonderful young woman - good job Mom!

(Formerly Driving With the Brakes On - I needed a fresh start!)

Sassy Blondie said...

Sending a man money, Blogget? Surely, you jest....

Blogget Jones said...

Walker -- couldn't agree more about the sex! And love the idea about the birthday card....I just might do that! Hee hee!

Fishsticks -- It's so good to see you again!!! Yay Yay! And that's cool about your husband being a fan of Bergsma's, too. Just love her work!

Sassy -- *I* thought it was for his birthday. A gift for something special (which was coming cheap since it was used). I'm just stunned he didn't "get" that. Really stunned.

Walker said...

I hope you have a Happy Fourth Of July

Lady in red said...

I am stunned that Greg could even ask you

Groovy Mom said...

I can't even remember what it's like to make love all morning. Sigh.

Happy birthday to your daughter! Thirteen. And the fun begins. ;-)

Bollinger Byrd said...

I'm really pleased that you and ranger are in agreement about the mariage thing, otherwise it could so get in the way. And that would be a shame.

Blogget Jones said...

Lady -- yes, me, too. I thought he was being pretty ballsy with that, and it pissed me off!

Groovy Mom -- lemmetellya, after 4-minute Greg, making love all morning is definitely something new. I don't think I've ever had that before! And you're right -- I'm facing my daughter's 13th birthday with a combination of disbelief, excitement, and dread. I'm definitely bracing myself!

BB -- I wholeheartedly agree. To hear that he'd thought of the same problems I had, and others, was a relief. I didn't want to hurt him with what I had to say, but it's all right now. We can relax!

Mike said...

Greg's having trouble with the bills so he wants to golf?

Tee time at most clubs is effing expensive.

And he wants a play station?

Sounds like an entitled little turd to me, like the kind we got here.

Wrong priorities, bad with money, then they wonder why they're broke.

He needs a bitch slap, you could give him that? :P

Blogget Jones said...

Walker -- yes it was a nice 4th! Thanks!!

Mike -- I don't know what Greg's deal is, really. He's never had much of anything, and certainly not a life of privilege. So why now does he want it ALL and wants it from me?? A single mom with two kids?? And I think the universe bitch-slapped him today....more in today's blog :o)