Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Giving me rein

I had my first evaluation in my new job. Can you believe it's been a year? Actually, a little more.

My boss is pleased with me. I've oriented myself to the system here nicely. I've carved a niche on campus. I've made a name for myself here. I've created solid relationships with the faculty. They see me as an ally, but so does the administration. Where the two often clash, they don't in my office.

"What I'd like to see from you in the coming year is a shift in your role," he said. "You've built the foundation, now it's time to move ahead into a leadership role. Step outside the box. Push us. You have an idea, run with it. Push us hard."

I just nodded. I can do that...but boundaries exist. Toes can be stepped on, and sometimes those don't heal. And I do tend to be afraid to make a mistake and look stupid.

But my boss is a perceptive man. He knew this already. She smiled at me and said, "I actually look forward to the day when I can say to you, 'Dammit, Blogget! What were you thinking?' Then you get up the next day and do it all again."

He laughed. "At least, that's how I do it!"

So, in a horsewoman's terms, I've been given my head. I'm free to gallop at my own speed. And I'm expected to.

I work with one professor who is just innately difficult. He simply cannot follow instructions. He has to do it his own way, no matter what it is. Send him a form to use, and he changes it. Ask him for information, and he'll give you some of it. I wrangle with him often, but it stays friendly.

After our latest wrangling, he copied me on an email to my boss. The subject line was "Blogget is a superstar!" and the message was full of glowing compliments about working with me, the "superstar" on the campus (as he put it).

This was right after my evaluation. My boss's reply simply said, "Thank you for your support of our resident superstar."

Now that put a mighty smile on my face for the day. I'm at a full gallop now.


Gingers Mom said...

Good for you Blogget! How nice to have a job where you are appreciated. My three little "bosses" throw food at me and demand to be served all day long. Then they complain to the management.

Blogget Jones said...

I'm soooo thankful for my boss and my job situation! I know what you mean, though, and I'm so sorry you have to put up with that! It's terrible!