Monday, August 13, 2007

Turn of phrase

I have made a few friends here, including one woman who is an incredible delight to know. She says what she thinks, politically-incorrect and inappropriate as it is. Her kids are grown and I find myself benefiting greatly from her wisdom.

One pearl stuck with the the other day, enough to share. I'm now dealing with two teenagers in my house, each developing into that wonderful independent person all moms hope to have, but dread to see needing you less and less.... Still, you have lessons to impart and boundaries to set, so the Butting of the Heads happens frustratingly often.

I sought refuge from the stresses of momhood and work the other day, in my friend's place of business. While I was there, one of her children called, complaining about the newlywed tug-of-war she was experiencing.

I've often heard the phrase, "Pick your battles," and it's helped me step back from a losing battle now and again. My friend uttered a twist on that phrase that gave me even more perspective, though, when dealing with most relationships.

"Well, darlin'," she said into the phone. "Just choose carefully what mountain you want to die on."

I'll keep that in mind now, too. (except where A-hole is concerned!)

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