Thursday, August 16, 2007

The resolution?

I'm not sure if this is the end of A-hole, but something has blown him out of the water. His online dating profile has been disabled, or made "private." You can see some of it, but the picture is gone now.

This happened just after my alter ego stood him up at the alternative indie rock night. I wasn't sure if the profile was just down for review (which happens each time you change something in it), but it hasn't come back so someone got frustrated. Haha! Or maybe it has something to do with a letter his wife got, with a copy of his profile in it.... I can't be sure.

He's been playing with fire. In all the wrong places. He's finally gotten burned.

And let the burning continue! Have you all seen this site called Don't Date Him Girl? It's Check it out. It's a site where women can post pics and info of these kinds of louses, and the rest of the dating world can search for them. Oh YEAH!

I saw a news item on it, in which they interviewed the proprieter about their security measures, to protect the man's privacy (note: the interviewer was a man). She said if a woman posts the man's personal information - like name or email address - then the woman is banned from the site. What they didn't say is that the woman's login is shut out, but the registration process is so simple that making another is easy. AND -- here's the kicker -- the information she posted stays on the site. They don't remove it or edit it at all.

It's delicious. So, A-hole now has his own little corner of Search for Grand Junction and you'll see him there. I posted it last night and this morning it already had 125 hits. Gotta love that.

I also sent him the classic kiss-off message this morning, finally responding to his "please be my friend" email of two weeks ago. He probably won't read it but it says he's a complete eff-up and I'm way out of his league, so see ya. You blew it, pal.

Oh, and I threw in a little tidbit, saying that in this small town, it was inevitable that I'd run into someone else he's met. And she's pissed to hear he's such a liar, so good luck with that. Paranoia is a lovely thing to instill in a jerkwad.

I feel much better now. My inner bitch can stand down for a little while.


Krissie said...

Oh my God, you are my hero!
You're evil too, but you totally rock for it.
So, if I got it right, you sent his wife his profile? How did you find her?
Oh never mind, I bow to you. *bowing*

Blogget Jones said...

Thank you! I know, I have a terrible evil streak when it comes to revenge. I don't seem to mind it. ;o)

It wasn't hard to find his wife, or anything else about him. He's sooooo lucky I'm not a dangerous psycho bitch. Here goes:

In the beginning, I just knew his first name. He said he and his "ex" (who isn't really) own a business together.

By pure serendipity, I almost literally bumped into him leaving his business. The local Better Business Bureau had his wife's name listed as owner. Public records told me his real birthdate, his divorce records (or lack thereof), and their address. Little slips of his not-so-clever tongue confirmed my info.

Here's the weirdness -- I almost bought a house RIGHT across the street from them, a couple of months ago.

Thanks :o)

Anonymous said...

Now go treat yourself to a mani/pedi. Or a whole day. Bitches need grooming and pampering, too, you know?

Blogget Jones said...

Oooo...that sounds good. I have to take the kids to visit my ex soon. Sounds like a good day to spend at a spa!

;o) Blogget