Sunday, August 12, 2007

Have I met him? Well...sorta....

A-hole is having a week away with his kids, apparently. So, in the meantime....

I'm at a new friend's house the other day. She's very preggers and about to be induced in a couple of days. My daughter is going to pet-sit for her, so we're at the house getting the low-down on the pooch.

My new friend's husband is home, but I haven't met him yet. We're wrapping up our chat in the living room when I hear him coming down the hall. Oh, good! Time to meet the new daddy-to-be! all his glory.... Evidently, he didn't hear us there. And rounds the corner completely naked.

He hollered, grabbed for his family jewels as a belated attempt to cover himself, and high-tailed his bare butt down the hall. She shrugged it off. I explained that he need not worry; I'm a remarkably difficult person to shock. We went on our way.

My daughter didn't see, thank goodness.


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