Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Does God think he's....


I don't think he's funny at all. I think he's screwing with me.

So, I accept that BF is not going to step up to the plate. I start to move on. I find this nice guy and we're starting to hit it off. Thank God, I think.

Then today happens. Guess who has an interview with the place where I work?

That's right. BF does. Thanks, God.

Is it wrong of me to hope that his history of rubbing people the wrong way repeats itself in the interview? What am I supposed to do with this?!

Just when I think things are cruising right along, WHAM! I get a monkey wrench. I could do with a few less of those, but I think my torment is entertaining to someone on the deity level.


Anonymous said...

Okay, taking a step back:

What exactly does his actions have to do with YOU?

You have moved on. What he does at this point is immaterial. Correct?

You know it. Blow him the hell off, whether he gets a job there or not.

Oh, you are allowed to hope his whole thing there does implode. I'll give you that much. :)

Blogget Jones said...

I suppose the problem is that I had written him off as not making an effort here, then the door opens for him to make that effort. I don't want it open, though! I don't want to have him pursuing me. It's frustrating, I suppose. It's still painful to have this ending with him, after so long. Good memories that I have to deal with as just memories now, and not something meaningful.

I'm still watching for that implosion...lol