Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Glam I Am (Not)

I realized something last night, while at the ball park. Some women can pull off the wind-blown look and still have sex appeal.

I am not one of them. Wind makes me look like a bag lady.

We have lots of wind here. Wind and dirt, once the cotton comes in and there's nothing to hold down the soil. Check out the pic of Texas Tech on a windy day. No, the coloring hasn't been altered -- that's reality.

In the spring time, Mother Nature throws in some rain with the wind and dirt. Ever seen blowing mud? Welcome to Lubbock.

My hair is curly. Always has been and I've never resented it. As though you haven't guessed already, I like being an individual. Red, curly hair certainly makes me memorable.

I got a hair wrap a couple of weeks ago. I can hide it to be my professional self, then let it down with the curls to be my funky self. For the couple of months it'll last, I'm going to enjoy it, but some people just don't get it. Some people = my ex.

"So, what's the hair thing represent?"
"'Represent?' It doesn't 'represent' anything, other than I like it."
"Yeah, but what does it mean? What's the significance?"
"It's just me. That's all. Just fun."

He hmpfed at me.

I now own a hoodie. If you're going to blow the glam thing anyhow, might as well do it completely! I love baseball season, so I won't be staying in. So, while it's cool enough, it's either bag lady or hoodie for me.


Gingers Mom said...

I have straight brown hair, but wind make me look like a bag lady too. We lived in Corpus Christi for a while and I always looked haggard. My dd is a curly redhead and I think that kind of hair looks gorgeous no matter what you do!

Blogget Jones said...

Thanks :o) I do enjoy having curly hair, for the most part. I just have to work with it, not against it.

I know what you mean about Corpus! I was in Galveston last week. That humidity made my hair about two inches shorter! Argh!

It sounds like your dd and mine have that feature in common! My dd's hair is jet black, though, and long and way curlier than mine. I adore the ringlets she gets. She's learning that sometimes it just has a mind of it's own, so she goes with it.

So hard to know what products, etc., to use, though. We just keep experimenting until we find something nice.