Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Does this make sense?

Okay, so I've been getting emails from some guy who calls himself MC. It's tidbits of this romantic writing he's done about some woman he's supposedly worshipping like a goddess. He tells me it has -- gulp -- 15 parts! He says, "I'll keep sending it to you, to get you in the mood."

Wait. "In the mood"? I don't think so.

So, just to be sure we're on the same page, he knows nothing about me. Hasn't read the blog. I mean he knows NOTHING. He asks one question of me -- will I send him a picture? Uhm, no.

See, I'm no idiot. I fully realize that I'm not the only woman he's sending this to, to get her "in the mood." For what, he never specifically says, but the nature of the writing makes it a safe assumption. So, I tell him that if the writing is supposed to be "mood-inspiring," then it loses some impact when you know it's not for you, but instead going to many women.

That apparently wasn't clear.

He writes back and tells me I'm oh-so-wrong. The 15-parter was actually written about and for a specific woman he knows.

Let's check this again. He's hoping to get other women "in the mood" by sending them romantic writings (in 15 parts) definitely meant for another woman.

There's something about women and getting them "in the mood" that he's missing. Yes?

He makes no attempt to get to know me. He doesn't read my profile or any of the blog. He just wants my picture and wants me to melt into a puddle of romantic surrender, in 15 parts. Be still my heart. How can I possibly resist.

For anyone who has read this blog for long, you know how much his kind of attitude gets under my skin. So, do you think I resisted the urge to tell him why this isn't appealing to me? You know me so well, my friends!

So, I told him. He took exception and said I just didn't "get it." Oh no, I "get it" pretty clearly. He's the one not "getting IT," if you know what I mean. I told him to stop writing to me.

He ignored me (surprise) to let me know he could write a NOVEL of this stuff, but the message degraded into indecipherable nonsense. Scary. Again, I told him to stop writing to me.

He ignored me again to say he didn't want to waste any more time on me and -- get this -- told me to stop replying! Is that rich or what? "I'm going to ignore your request to stop writing, but you better stop replying!" Does this make sense to anyone else?

I blocked him. But not before replying to tell him so.


Gingers Mom said...

You sure get some interesting experiences! Where do these creeps come from? Good for you in telling him to take a hike.

Blogget Jones said...

It AMAZES me, the things these creeps pull, and they expect women to LIKE it! Wow! This guy just saw my profile for this blog and started writing to me.

I was at a conference recently for women who work with e-learning. I spoke with a graduate student who is conducting research on the impact the globalization of the Internet has had on the sex industry. She commented on the changes in attitude men have had towards women, in the online environment.

There's a whole, horrendous subculture of the Internet that amounts to catalog-shopping sexual experiences. A man clicks on the features he likes best and he can have a woman sent to him that best matches his preferences. How degrading is that? I mean, she's an item on a shelf. We talked a long time about how that's even possible.

In light of that kind subculture, I'm not so surprised that men have approached me like they have. I'm nothing more than words on a page. If I take offense, who cares? They have a singular interest and it has nothing to do with who I really am.

I suppose that's why this particular creep hacked me off so much. I was one of his "catalog" of choices and he was working me. I so hate that.

Okay, mini-rant over!