Saturday, July 11, 2015

No more teenagers!

Another milestone has gone by.  Daughter has turned 20!  I am no longer the mother of teenagers.

This picture is my lovely daughter, in a flower crown.  She decided her 20th birthday was the perfect occasion to wear a flower crown.  How can you argue with that?

My sister was in town with her kids, to visit with my parents. Particularly my dad.  On Daughter's birthday, they all wanted to go to a nearby mountain town for the day, as a group.  Daughter decided to level with my mother and said she just wanted to spend the day with her mom.

I could about cry with how sweet that is!  This is the last birthday we'll celebrate together until 2017, since she is leaving on her mission soon.  She'll be gone a year and a half, with email as our only contact (except a phone call on Mother's Day and Christmas).  That she wanted to spend that day with just me means so much!  She's very special to me, and our bond is something I cherish.

So, we spent the day getting some mission supplies for her (such as good shoes and makeup that will be appropriate), having lunch out, and going to the movies.  It was a glorious day of grownup mommy-daughter time.  I am soaking up all the memories I possibly can.  I'm going to miss her so intensely!

We spent the evening with the entire family.  My dad is struggling lately.  The pain is hard to control, and he's lost a lot of time while the experts decide what treatments he can have and which way to go. The tumor is aggressive and is growing significantly while this time just passes.  I am always so scared for him.  Always.
Daughter's birthday gave us a chance to have a celebration, have cake, open presents.  And remember.  Even Son got into it, shopping for her while they were away during the day trip.

It was the end of the day, when I was turning out the light, when it occurred to me that my years with teens were over.  My kids are taking flight on their own, for better or worse.  They pursuing their wants and dreams.  I just have to hope that I've given them what they need to find their own success and happiness.

And she still wears a flower crown.  You just have to love that!

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