Thursday, February 23, 2012


Would you like to have a major life change happen to you?  I mean, something out of your control?  Like, say, losing your job?

Then, date me.

Old BF couldn't find a good job.  Ranger couldn't keep a job (although, theft tends to do that).  And now...well, poor Jacob was hit by the curse.  

Here's what happened.  

He's quite the devotee of Twitter.  It's how we got to know each other, so that's no surprise.  When he'd go off on there, though, he made sure to keep it anonymous.  No names.  No places.  Nothing to identify the object of his wrath.  So, one day during a break at work, he tweets something about someone spitting on the floor.  

In response, he gets a message from an HR person at work, saying he's being negative, and they need to chat about it.

He texts something to me about possibly being in trouble, but it's middle of the week, and they only fire people on Fridays.

I was home for lunch, and suddenly, there's Jacob on my doorstep.  

"So, I guess I didn't have to wait for Friday," he says.  Yup, he got fired for what he said on Twitter.  Over a decade at that place, and that's how it ends.

Now, they do have a policy that an employee cannot be held responsible for things said outside of work.  And Jacob did find a legal precedent for a possible suit against them.  And tweeted about it.  That might just explain why they spent the next few days making sure his details and money got settled quickly.

But there you have it.  Time for a new career.

Long story short, he had money coming to him that would allow him to float for awhile and try his hand at a few options.  He researched the potential earnings and set about getting started.  First up - amateur porn.  Namely, shemale cam porn.

You guys are well aware of my hangups with fidelity and such, so when this idea first came up, you can imagine how I reacted.  Kneejerk was not a pretty sight.  We argued for two days about it.  Then, he put it in perspective:

"Do you really think I'd rather rub one out for some guy in India than be with the woman I love?"

Okay.  Point taken.  In the end, it's not about intimacy.  It's about turning your assets into income.

The third floor attic space of the house became the studio during the day.  Of course, none of this went on with children in the house, so it was sometimes hard to maintain a consistent cam schedule.  However, the income proved to be not quite as promised.  Jacob spent a lot of time looking at other cam t-girls and wondering how the hell they stayed so busy.

One was particularly puzzling.  We called her Snot Girl.  One day, he's showing me some of the other t-girls, and we notice this one.  Quite pretty, sexy outfit, and convincing as a female.  Her chat room has a fair number of patrons, chatting with her.  As we're watching, she sneezes.  Into her hand.  Then looks at it.  And wipes it on her sexy black stockings.

The room goes silent.  And empties.

Jacob looked in on her another time, to find her nose mining.  Ugh.

Eventually, Jacob found that he was making more money on referrals to the cam site than on being on the cam.  So, he moved on to the next career option: writing.

I won't go into all the details, but suffice it to say, he's found some level of success writing articles on-demand, fiction, and erotica.  We've discussed some ideas that I wish he'd push a little more - things that I personally feel he has a niche for - but that's up to him.  He's been doing well, and his writing is well-received.

Trouble is that freelance writing is a tough career to get off the ground.  And as a recent (very recent) financial crisis has reared its ugly head on our horizon, he's had to find another way to bring in more immediate funds.  So, within 24 hours of the crisis, he has three interviews and a very real possibility of being hired before the week's end.

That, in itself, illustrates one big difference between Jacob and Ranger or even Old BF.  He is a man of action, when needed.  Resourceful and determined.  No excuses.

And I love that about him.  I don't have to solve problems for us all.  He's reliable.  We are partners, in every sense of the word.

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