Monday, April 26, 2010

A tad bit of good news

My sister sold her house! Whew! So, after nearly a year of making my life absolute hell, she's moving to California.

Yeah, she still giving it a try with her louse of a husband, mostly because she's built this heroic image of him to her kids while he's been gone. So, they really want to be with him. I understand, though. You have to feel like you've done everything in your power to save your marriage before you walk away from it.

And I don't know how her kids would deal with a divorce. Still, I fully expect him to screw it all up, but breaking their hearts and hers.

We'll see what happens. But for now...she's getting out of my hair. I don't think my relationship with my mother will ever be the same, though. I'm fully aware that the next time my sister is here, my mother can and will turn on me.

I'll never trust her the same way again. She's forced me into a place where I can't care what she thinks of me and my life anymore. I still get twinges of missing how it was. I kind of mourn for that. My most rewarding relationships are elsewhere now.


Ronjazz said...

But for now, honey, you'll soon be able to breathe again. And walk around your own house naked again. And get up and go to bed at the times YOU think are appropriate.

Relief. Enjoy that for a while.

Blogget Jones said...

Well, sort folks and kids still live with me! But it will be SO nice to have a few less ears in the walls. My kids are really looking forward to having their home back, too.

:o) BJ