Friday, February 20, 2009

Something new to worry about

Like I needed more, right?

So, a couple of weeks ago, our new Boss Lady says we need to put together a seminar for our faculty on distance education. Late April, early May-ish. So, go find some people who can talk on topics A, B, C, D, and give her their vitaes, and we'll get the seminar set up.

I start coming up with names, from my professional contacts. Among those names is South Carolina. He teaches these kinds of things all the time, and he'd love to see this area. Good match.

I sent him an official and "unofficial" email about it. He's definitely interested and excited about the prospect of coming here. I just needed his vitae.

Then, the days passed. No vitae. Finally, I emailed him again. The answer came back, "Sorry. I had surgery yesterday. I'll send it later."

Surgery? Surgery?

So, I called him.

My phone call found him propped up on pillows, in such a way as to relieve pressure on his backside. The surgery was colon-related, although he spared me the details.

"They biopsied something," he said.

I got this nasty little chill in my spine. SC could have colon cancer? "When do you hear results on that?" I asked.

"At the end of the week," he said. He was still trying to make light of it, telling me stories about calling his doctor a Yankee for comparing his ass to the Lincoln Tunnel.

SC was on some serious pain meds and loopy as hell. Still, he promised to send the vitae, and I let him drift off. He said he'd be at work the next day, so I figured I'd see the vitae then.

The next day came and went. No email from SC. And the next day. And the next. I had my meeting with Boss Lady. I gave her the vitaes I'd received, explained that SC just had surgery, but would get his to me soon. That was fine with her. For now.

I sent SC a text and email, gently reminding. A couple of days passed. I checked Yahoo Messenger. He uses that for office communications and keeps his status updated all day. If he's not listed on it, then he's not working.

He wasn't listed. For days.

Finally, I sent an email to every address I had for him. I sent texts. I left voicemails. I left Messenger messages. I said to eff the seminar. I just need to know if you're okay.

That was three days ago.

Yesterday morning, I get a text. "Not really....will call you later."

He appeared on Messenger, but listed himself as "Busy - in a meeting." I left a message, saying I was there if he got a chance to talk. He replied, saying it was better to talk later that night.

"I understand," I said. "I'm just worried about you and anxious to know if I can help."

He never called.

Guess how I'm doing with that?


Monday, 2/23/09: I finally got to talk with SC. It seems his surgery removed some benign spots, but there are other "suspicious" ones they couldn't get. He's having a procedure tomorrow to get at those. So, we're all still waiting on the outcome. How's SC doing? "Scared shitless," he says.


Fire Byrd said...

Lets see you're pacing the floor worrying no doubt.
Hope all is well with him. I know how important a friend he is to you.

Blogget Jones said...

I just added an update. Still waiting!

:o/ BJ

Sparx said...

God, he's got a good sense of humour through it at least. This particular nasty takes out 3/5 of my Mum's side of the family so my sympathies are with him and his family.