Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Political crapola

I hate political crap. I really and truly do.

No, I'm not talking about the swearing in of the new President of the US of A. Although, I hear him being hailed as the greatest President since Kennedy....even before he's been sworn in. What kind of nonsense is that? For pity sake, make the man prove himself and actually earn the accolades. Or criticism. Whichever is deserved.

But I digress.

I hate political crap. And I can feel it happening all around me. The ground is rumbling with all the maneuvering that's going on. I'm keeping my head low and my nose clean. My ear is to the ground, listening to the rumblings.

Here's the deal. The college's head of Student Services and Outreach retired. My office is in the same suite as the Student Services people. Two other Extended Studies people are in this suite, too. My boss and the continuing education person. It made sense for us to be here because Extended Studies is part of Outreach.

My boss is head of Extended Studies and the satellite campus in Montrose. Two hats. So, he's in this office about once a week.

So the new head of Student Services was hired. But his title doesn't say "Outreach" now. My boss pointed this out to me and said we need to watch and see how it settles out. Well, it settled out that they moved Extended Studies to be under Academic Affairs. Why? No idea. This puts me on pins and needles because the head of AA is reputed to be very disagreeable. I've never had a conversation with her, but looks that will change....

My boss calls last week to tell me this, and drops another bombshell. They took away one of his hats. He's no longer head of the satellite campus. He's 100% Extended Studies. Personally, I think he's sugar-coating that he's had his other hat removed.

He says to prepared for office move #5. The new Student Services guy wants only his own people in the office suite. Yesterday, I hear something about the continuing ed person moving for sure. She's packing. And my boss is preparing to move, too.

I have friends in another department who desperately want me among them. So, I communicate this to the AA lady. Know what she tells me? I'm not moving. My boss and the other lady are, but not me.

WTF?!?! My boss doesn't even know this.

So, now I have to analyze this. Is it good? Is it bad? What the hell does it mean?

Dang, I hate this. Let me tell ya, I'm dotting my i's and crossing my t's, though!

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