Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Necessity is the mother of.... toys.

I don't recall sending this pic a few weeks ago, during the Very Snowy Day. Lots of snow and ice that day. I got home and laughed at the tracks in the neighbor's driveway, indicating that they couldn't make it up the ice.

Then this happened to me:

Hmpf. Yep, that's my driveway. And my tracks.

It's not that steep! But my little Saturn VUE (SUV) wouldn't make it. 2-wheel drive no longer cuts it. We're not in Texas anymore, Toto.

So, I went all-wheel drive shopping this week.

I have owned three Saturns. I've loved them. Because of this, the Saturn dealership back in Texas would bust their keisters to get me what I wanted. Even when I brought my sister in to get a new car, the sales manager said to the salesman, "Be sure you make her happy, no matter what she wants."

The Saturn dealership here doesn't quite feel the same way. I told them what I wanted. I told them what I did not want, which was to raise my payment about a certain level. They refused to deal, though. They offered me a ridiculously low trade-in. The salesman knew it, too. I saw how he watched my face for a reaction when he showed me the figure. He was afraid I'd react exactly the way I did.

Shove it, buster.

And he went over my stated budget limit by $45. "Is that really a big deal?" he asked. "I mean, maybe you could go to Starbucks less."

I don't go to Starbucks, buster. Shove it again.

So, I went elsewhere. I went to Ford. And I came home with.....

An '08 Ford Edge. I like it. A lot! Handles smoother, nicer interior, has all the safety features I like, and it's AWD.

Now, I need to replace all the lovely stickers I had on the old car. A pretty wolf sticker from Ranger. A window decal that says, "My other vehicle is the Millennium Falcon." And one that says, "Area 51 Parking Permit." that one in Roswell at the UFO Museum. No kidding.

Excuse me, dear Diary, as I go for a drive....


Fire Byrd said...

I do so hate car salesmen.... they are so patronising. One time I was thinking about a Golf, went to the garage and first off the guy showed me the colour of the upholstery.... WHAT??? No infomation on ABS, or fuel ecomony or anything just what colour the frigging seats were.
I went elsewhere and bought a ford!

Blogget Jones said...

There you go Byrd!! The Saturn guy was not the sharpest tack. Ranger was there for a few minutes and the more questions he asked, the more annoyed the guy got.

What's funny is that he did the color-first thing with me, too. He showed me an orange VUE. I said, "I can't bring that home! I graduated from Texas Tech and it's UT orange!" The rest of my time there, he was stuck on University of TENNESSEE orange. No, numbskull, I said TEXAS....

Point being, though, that I think he figured a woman wanted to know colors first. Ugh. What an idiot.

Take care!
:o) BJ