Friday, September 19, 2008

The weekend outlook....

I'm freezing. Seriously. I'm in my bedroom and it's effing freezing in here! And you know what?

I love it!

I know it'll be mid-80s later today. But we might get thunderstorms today and tomorrow. That makes me happy, too! Yep, I love cool, damp weather. If a lightning show gets thrown in, then it's all the better. Tomorrow's high is only 77. It just gets better! Look:

Speaking of storms, there's one in my stomach. That's why I'm home. So, not all the news is good, but I'm looking on the sunny side. Or stormy side. Depending on how the day turns out.

I'm hoping for it to clear up (internally, that is), so I can take the kids to Cross Orchards this afternoon. They're doing their Two Rivers Chautauqua, remembering World War II. Son has to go for school, but I think it'll be interesting for everyone. We might even go tomorrow at noon, to hear the Eisenhower Chautauqua.

THIS JUST IN: My weekend just went topsy-turvy. Good thing I was home. My aunt just called to say one of my great uncles just passed away. He was one of my dad's uncles who practically helped raise him. We have lots of good stories and memories of him. The funeral is Monday, in New Mexico. So, we're packing up the car Sunday and heading that way. I haven't seen my dad's family in some time. It will be so good to see them, even if it's for this reason.

I'm the oldest of sixteen grandkids on that side of the family. Now, we all have kids, too, so the clan has really grown! Three of my cousins are expecting babies soon, so it just keeps going.

I miss my Grandma so much....she would have loved seeing all of these kids. When I think of her, she's always smiling. And cooking. Chile Rellenos. It's funny, when I smile, I feel her in my own features. I love that.


Walker said...

I am sorry for your loss but from what you say there will always be good memories of him.
It's a sad occation that you meet other members of the family you haven't seen in a while but it does make for a happy reunion.

I rather cold than hot muggy weather any time.
I figure its easier to warn up than to chill.
Have a safe trip

Blogget Jones said...

Thank you, Walker. My family is rather boisterous, so I imagine it will be a happy reunion. Despite the occasion.

I have to agree about weather! It's easier -- and can be more fun! -- to warm up!

;o) BJ

DFTF said...

If you like cold and damp you'd love it here!

I'm sorry about your uncle. {{{hugs}}}

Blogget Jones said...

Oh, big thanks for the hugs!!

And yeah, I love cold and damp. Overcast skies make me HAPPY!

Anonymous said...

I am loving the fall weather - though I often find myself adding and then peeling off clothing throughout the day - it is cool in the morning, hot by afternoon, and then perfect in the evening.

I am so sorry about the passing of your uncle - I hope you have a safe trip and that everything goes well.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I love monsoon thunderstorms here in the desert. But I can't stand the cold.

But if you're happy, I'm happy.

Blogget Jones said...

F&F -- Thank you! And that's how dressing for the day is here, too. I need a jacket in the morning, short sleeves in the afternoon, and an extra blanket at night!

LBB -- Thanks :o) That's sweet! Love the thunderstorms and the cold. One time, I got to have both together -- thundersnow!

Fire Byrd said...

Sorry about your uncle, but sounds like the family get together will be a blast, just with there being so many of you.
hope you feel better soon.

Meg said...

Sorry for you loss. But it sounds like you've got a great big family and that rocks!

Hope you feel better.

Blogget Jones said...

Byrd and Meg -- Thank you! Yes, I'm doing okay, just tired from the trip. And now I miss my family more! We need a reunion....

:o) BJ