Friday, April 18, 2008

Lucky to be alive

No, I don't mean me this time -- this is about my sister. Two close calls in as many weeks definitely warrant a post of their own.

It started when she discovered a lump in her breast a couple of weeks ago. She went to the doctor and was sent for an immediate mammogram. Well, that's how the doctor intended it. However, he has an incompetent bozo in his office. Nearly ten days later, she sees the radiologist because that bozo forgot to make the appointment then lied about why it took so long. They felt the lump and get the mammogram set up, and she gets ready to have it done and....

the lump disappeared.

No sign of it. They did a mammogram anyhow, but there's no sign of it. So, we don't know what it was or where it went, but it's just not there now. We all breathed a sigh of relief.

Fast forward to last night. It was pouring rain when she picked up her oldest (her "tween"), after work. She still had two more to pick up at another school, but her tire was going flat. She pulled into the convenience store gas station, with her son chanting, "Let me do it!" It was raining, though, so she told him not to do it this time. Thank God.

So, she gets the air pump nozzle and kneels in the water by the car, then switches it on. And is instantly shocked. The pump has a short it in and sends its power right through her. She can't let go of the metal nozzle and the pain is horrendous. She's screaming for help. Her son runs to her and she screams for him to not touch her. So, he stands helpless, watching his mother darn near get electrocuted.

A man nearby sees what's happening and runs to her aid. He grabs the hose and yanks the nozzle from her hand. At the gas pumps, a nurse is filling her car. She runs to my sister, too, trying to slow her breathing and heart rate. "I'm tired and I don't want to do CPR tonight," she says. "So, work with me and let's get you calm!"

My sister's hand is burned. Two cuts on her hand show where the power exited her body. She can't feel her fingers.

My nephew spots a police car pulling in. This policeman had just come off duty and was heading home, when he decided to stop for a soda at the convenience store. My nephew ran to him and told him what was happening. The officer calls an ambulance.

My sister is home now, but in extreme pain. Her arm is black and blue to the shoulder. She still can't use her fingers. The swelling is terrible. She can't start her car, much less work her data entry job.

The convenience store company won't talk to her. She went to take pictures of the pump and found an electrician working on it. Her husband's Colonel is contacting a lawyer for her. So, for now, keep your fingers crossed that she's okay. We'll see if the lawyer part is necessary.


~ellen~ said...

Oh my god, that's terrifying! I am so glad she wasn't hurt worse, or killed.

Please keep us posting on how she's doing, and whether the lawyer needs to get going on that slack-ass convenience store.

Was it 7-11? I am ready to boycott 7-11 on her behalf!

Blogget Jones said...

No, it's not 7-11. I'll have to find out the name and pass it along!

I'll keep you all's a pretty scary story. I'm worried for her!