Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Things to come....

So much has happened lately....but it's been too busy to blog it! Here's the short version. I'll write a longer version later:

* My kids start new schools today. Junior High and High School. I'm just not ready for that yet!

* My 20-year reunion was last weekend. Wow. Someone said I looked just like I did in high school. Guess who's my new best friend? ::wink::

* I moved into a brand new office space today. Moving is always a trauma, but these digs are pretty swanky!

* I took some vacation time with my son last week. This is the dichotomy part: we visited historical sites that dealt with our own family history. Then, we jammed at a rock concert.

More later!

Blogget Jones


Gingers Mom said...

Good to have you back, girl! Can't wait to hear more. Did you have fun at the reunion? Mine was a real let down...
Jr High and High school...wow...is that hard for you?

Blogget Jones said...

Thanks, Kristin! The reunion was a ball, for the most part. I'll blog that in a bit. And yes, the Junior High and High School thing is killing me! It means I have four short years before my son becomes a college man. How can I put the brakes on this and have him grow up when *I* am ready for it?!

Take care!