Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Happy Imbolc!" (oh barf...)

I haven't talked about work in a long time, so I'm just sure you're dying to know what's been happening there. (Right....)

A little refresher, first. Here's what I said in my introduction of G:
"G of the "Intelligensia"
G is the newest one. I say "Intelligensia" not because I consider her among their number, but she certainly does. So many nice email discussions have come to a dead halt because she decided to respond in Latin or French, and it disgusted us into silence. We don't like show-offs.

In my experience with her, she has proven her incompetence repeatedly and persistently. For a kicker, she's also a liar and political maneuverer. She pulled a bunch of crap a couple of months ago, trying to take me down, but it all backfired in her face. See, I work above-board and within what I know my bosses will approve. Read: I cover my ass. She's an idiot. A Latin-French-speaking idiot.

She continues to answer things in other languages. Everyone in the office took a personality test. She sent her results to everyone in German. Google had a nifty logo for Mozart's birthday, with a few bars of music on it. She pop-quizzed everyone with "Can you name that key signature?"

How do you make someone with such a pathetic need for attention understand that (A) we just don't care and (B) she doesn't look smart - she looks like an idiot? It drives me out of my skull.

That said, I have to share what was in my email (and everyone else's in the office) this morning.

"Hey, happy Lughnassadh, y ‘all. Or, depending on your preference, happy Vasant Panchami or Imbolc."

You could almost hear a collective "WTF?!" rising from the building.

After the pregnant silence that followed, we got this:
"Think I was wrong about Lughnassadh. Imbolc is right, though. So have a happy one!"

A coworker responded with, "What da hell...?" I cringed. That was it. The moment G was looking for. I think I heard a cackle of delight as she tappity-tapped away at her keyboard.

"Lughnassadh and Imbolc are pagan holidays celebrating the end of seasons; Vasant Panchami is a Hindu festival devoted to Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge and wisdom (good one for us!). For that you’re supposed to wear yellow, but I forgot."

Oh barf.

Dang, what an idiot.


NWO said...

Do those festivals involve sacrificing virgins? Or recent virgins? Or any sacrifice whatsoever? How about just a party? A day off of work? What good is a holiday without a day off without pay??

Blogget Jones said...

LOL Maybe she should lobby for that! It's discriminaton, I say!

And are you implying we should sacrifice virginity? ::wink:: LOL