Sunday, January 15, 2006

Woe is Me!!

Or I'm sure that's how he feels....

My son is a teenager. A young teenager. And he's mad at me.

He's too young to date. The girl pursuing him is even younger. And it's all so huge, so important to him. Oh, how I wish I could give him my perspective and have him believe it.

Dear boy, it's just not so huge, so important. It's really not. But I know it seems that way. it's what we call hormones.

We've talked about the rules and the reasons behind them for a long time. Now, he's testing them.

"So, can I have a friend who's a girl?"
"Sure, that's fine."
"So, can two 'friends' go to the movies together?"
"Ha! No, that's a date."

Tonight, it started as the classic challenge. "But everyone else does it!" He should know better. It's never worked before.

"So, can she come over here and watch a movie?"

We had a long talk about other struggles we've had lately. Priorities. Maturity. Commitments. Trust. No, she can't come over to watch a movie just yet. Not until you're handling those other things better. One step at a time. "It's not fair!" I know. He mentioned that a few times.

You're just not old enough to dive into the deep end of this, my dear child. You're not equipped to handle it. Neither of you are. I don't know that anyone is ever ready for this freight train, but I'm going to make sure you have a few more tools to handle it when you finally step onto those tracks.

I keep old pictures of him nearby to remind me that this moody teenager covers up the sweet little boy poking at logs with a stick, wearing his Osh Kosh overalls. Or the one waiting to board the steamboat at Disney World. Or the one I cheered with at the Ballpark on his surprise birthday trip not so long ago.

He's still in there, and it's all my job to see him through to adulthood. Safe and sound. So, be mad at me for now. It's okay. There are worse things.


Lisa said...

I totally agree with you about dating early . He will appreciate it when he is older.

Blogget Jones said...

Thanks! I'm sure he will, someday. Maybe when he's a parent.

For now, I'm joykiller #1 and I can live with that!

NWO said...

There is no guarantee that what you do will ever be appreciated. But there is a guarantee that if you don't follow your instincts, you'll regret it. Do the right thing and enjoy the ride!

Blogget Jones said...

Certainly, there are no guarantees. But it's what we tell ourselves to make it through the hard days! And it's much easier to live with than regrets. You're right about that!