Monday, February 28, 2011

Say hello...maybe

I started this blog in 2004.  Over the course of the last seven years, a handful of people have discovered this blog, and then discovered that they really do know me.

"You're Blogget Jones" is not a phrase I hear very often in "real" life, but it has happened.  A couple of friends from the past have read this and then sent me feedback privately.  One other fella wanted to know why he wasn't included.

To my knowledge, no one I've actively written about has seen this blog.  Well, until now.

He has said that what's here isn't important.  It's my private business, and he trusts that I'll tell him about anything I write about, in any case.  So, I don't know that he'll ever read this, but he might.

So...Dear Diary, wave hello to Jacob.

It was a heart-stopping moment when I realized he'd found it.  A heart-stopping, kick-myself kind of moment.  Two things had happened simultaneously:

He followed Blogget on Twitter....
...then tweeted an "oops" message.

I'd waited too long to explain Blogget to him.  I've never wanted to reveal my secret identity to anyone, but this had been troubling me with Jacob.  I wanted to tell him, but needed a chance to warn him first that Blogget's writings are sometimes unflattering to me.  When I've done stupid things, I've written about them.  I sometimes look (and feel) like an idiot.

And I'm sexually blunt.  But I doubted that would bother him.

I also realized that others could find this blog so easily, too.  I deleted Blogget's Twitter feed.  That had been a stupid move on my part.

It's important that a few key people not read Blogget Jones's Diary. But Jacob is welcome to it, in all it's sometimes-embarrassing glory, should he decide to visit. I don't write anything he doesn't already know.


e jerry said...

Only because of the reunion, since you never mentioned anyone else by name.

Blogget Jones said...


I don't know if I can talk him into going to Lubbock with me, but I hope so!


e jerry said...

Oh, maybe you can.

I won't be going, though. Can't afford it, and aside from you and about four other people, not going to be too many people there I would be happy to see or vice versa. *sad*

The downside of being batshit crazy, but these things happen.

Blogget Jones said...

But all the best people are, dear ;o)

We'll have to see if I can afford it. And when it is. We have huge stuff happening at work, and I don't know if I can be gone :o/

Nicole said...

When the real world and the blogging world collide . . . has someone created a blog to detail those encounters?! Jacob gets my vote already for being so respectful and for understanding that a girls needs a place that she can call her very own - not many people can accept that! I hope that should anyone else happen upon your space, they respect what you have written . . . you are truthful without being mean, as well as thoughtful and honest in ways that are very hard to find these days.