Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update on my favorite Marine

(Uhm...being sarcastic. He's NOT my favorite, in case you missed earlier posts....)

Now and again, I like to look at my blog stats to see how people arrive here. It gives me links to Google searches that people did that gave good ol' Blogget as a result, and they clicked on through. Two caught my eye. They were searches for:

"hating my brother in law"


"my brother in law is self absorbed"

That makes me laugh! Thanks! But it reminded me to post an update.

My sister is considering divorce. See, when her husband got back from Afghanistan and had to stay in California for a little while, he took up a habit of going honky-tonking. Every night. To the same country western bar. With the family budget. He even took line dancing lessons.

She apparently expressed her dismay about her husband behaving like a single guy and spending all night, every night, dancing the hours away with other women. His response? He sees nothing wrong with that.

Am I just crazy here? Or would that not bug the crap out of you, to have your spouse out partying every night?

He did this with a particular friend, who is a big partier. My sister isn't fond of this friend at all because he encourages her husband to do very un-husbandly things.

So, obviously, this honky-tonking thing is a problem for her. Whether he likes it or not, his wife is bothered by it.

In the meantime, he leave California, spends the holidays here, and goes back to Cali last Sunday.

And where does he go when he gets there? You guessed it. That same bar. And it all starts over again.

Now, add to this that her suspicions here raised on the day he left here. My nephew says to my
Mom, "Daddy isn't going to the barracks. He's going to move in with a friend!"

This is a surprise. He has to be in the barracks as long as possible because they haven't sold their house and don't have the money for him to pay rent, groceries, etc. (much less, cover charges and bar tabs)

Being my mom, she goes to my sister with this. My sister hollers upstairs to her husband. "Hey, are you moving into the barracks?"

Pause. "Uhm. No. I'm moving in with so-and-so." He names the partier friend.

The proverbial shit hit the fan. But in that hush-hush, don't-let-the-kids-hear kind of way.

Then, he goes straight to the bar in Cali. Wow. He actually didn't intend for her to know. She GPS tracked his phone there. On a hunch.

Her biggest worry is how their middle child would handle a divorce. He struggles every day with mental illness issues. I had a thought.

"You know," I said. "The kids aren't used to having him in their daily lives. You could easily let things stay as they are for them, go through the process quietly, and not have to tell them until it's all said and done, and things are more stable." Well, if their stupid dad will keep his mouth shut, that'll work.

No has has talked about it for a few days now. So, we'll see. More on that front later.


Walker said...

I think he is done with his marriage.
It obvious so she should get out before it gets ugly.

Blogget Jones said...


Honestly, I think he has been for a long time. She's had the husband of a woman he was cheating with contact her, with records of their tell-all texting. He has accidentally emailed her a picture of his penis, instead of his latest girlfriend. She's caught him with his car at someone else's house, when he's supposedly "working late." When he is home, he sometimes pretends he's the only one home and his family becomes invisible to him, literally. Now this. He's thinking like a single man. She needs to strike first.

In other words, I agree! lol