Saturday, April 04, 2009

Understanding my place

I got a text from Greg the other day.

"So, they offered me a management position," he said. "I'd be at a new store in Houston."

Okay, so this is exciting. Greg has a chance to move his life forward, get something steady, and start living the way he wants to.

"That's great!" I typed back.

"Yeah," he said. "My family is there, too."

"I assume you're taking it?"

"I'm debating."

What?? What is there to debate?? He has nothing but misery in Lubbock.

"What are you debating?" I asked.

His answer was long in coming. "If I go there, will I see you again?"

You could just hear the brakes squealing in my mind. I shouldn't be that big of a factor in his decision-making process. I'm not that significant in his life. Or am I?

Apparently so. Outside of anything romantic, I'm still the only mature adult friend he has. And he's also apparently not willing to go without that. Even though he sees me once every six months now.

"My ex lives in Houston," I said. "I'll still go with the kids when they see him."

So, Greg packed his things and moved to Houston. Where he promptly went to a different Friday's than the one he's managing....

....and got food poisoning.


Walker said...

Life gets complicated with every corner

Blogget Jones said...

Ain't that the truth?

Sgt said...

Apparently your like some sort of drug. Everyone who meets you gains this crazy level of dependency on you.

Soooo.... when are we getting together again? LOL

darth sardonic said...

wow, you sure make an impression on people then, eh? btw, sorry i haven't commented in forever. life, you know.

Blogget Jones said...

Sgt and Darth! So good to "see" you again!! And I know how it gets crazy. No problem. I apologize for not visiting like I should, too.

Yeah....I don't know what the deal is.... This one really took me by surprise.

e jerry said...

That's just cute!

Not as cute as me when I start calling you "Mrs. Robinson," but still cute. ;-)

Blogget Jones said...

Hey, hey! He's not that young, Jerry! LOL