Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Welcome to my hometown

I've seen hundreds of dogs in trucks, but this is a new one on me. However, it speaks volumes about the town where I live.

Spotted right around the corner from my office. You gotta love it.

And a closer look:


Gingers Mom said...

Well I'll be! That is downright hilarious!

NWO said...

Ha! Now, THAT is funny! Great shot.

Blogget Jones said...


I have since learned that the horse's name is Little Man. He's obviously a much-loved pet!

Anyhow, welcome to Lubbock, Texas :o)

Gingers Mom said...

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Blogget Jones said...

Thank you! Thank you!! I can't wait to play with these templates! Thanks for searching them out for me.

:o) Blogget

healthpsych said...

How cute is that? Great blog and love the name!

Blogget Jones said...

Thanks a bunch!!! Sorry to be slow replying -- I've been Class Reunion-ing and travelling. I'll post details later.

Thanks again!